Monday, 21 July 2014

Spreadable dairy butter

Do you also think it's a bit frustrating if you want to put some dairy butter on your bread and you can't easily spread it because you left it in the fridge? Or that it's too fluid because you left it too long outside the fridge?

We found a great solution in Germany. The Bergische Butterdosen are beautiful butter jars and because of the clever design this butter jars will keep your dairy butter fresh even outside the fridge!

And the beautiful design makes sure that this piece of ceramics will be a nice piece of decoration in your kitchen or at your table.

We imported the butter jars in two sizes and they will arrive at our shop half of August but can already be ordered at our site!

Images by Savanna Interior 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

IKEA paper shop


Yeah! After a pilot in some stores all Dutch IKEA stores will get a paper shop this summer.

The stores will be filled with lots of great paper decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags, stationery, party accessories and more.

Images through IKEA

Thursday, 26 June 2014

GRPL (grapple) Hook

Don't you just love the endless possibilities of this hook called GRPL (grapple)? It's made out of grass clippings and recycled plastic, so it is environmental friendly, strong and suitable to store almost anything anywhere!

The GRPL hooks just arrived and are available at Savanna Interior in two colors (brown and black) and two sizes (1 or 3 hooks). The package contains hook(s), gesp en band.

 Images through TAPEgear

Monday, 12 May 2014

Beautiful reflections

Ok, it's time to reinvent my blog... Or actually the way I manage my time. It turned out to be difficult to write as often as I would have loved to do. Why?

Of course it has been pretty busy. With my dear family and kids, with my two businesses (working as an independent management consultant and running my webshop), my hobbies (e.g. sports and visiting interior design events), board memberships of a primary school and a think tank and of course education (photography, teaching, designing). One must continue to learn right?

It's all useful, entertaining, important to me and most of all great fun. But it also leaves little time to reflect and write down and share my experiences which I intended to do on this blog. Or at least I didn't allow myself to do that. Because there were always tons of other things to do, because it had to deal with my interior business, because it takes time to select the best pictures of my fast growing collection, because it had to be perfect. Which of course it never is.

So I stopped  for a while, and missed it a lot. Time for some serieus thinking. While enjoying some beautiful spring moments in our garden over a glass of wine smiling about the beautiful reflections of the trees in my wine I felt perfectly happy. Except perhaps for that nagging feeling that I want to spend more time working on this blog and designing my own products. So I started a course on blogging to get inspired again and set new goals for my blog and business(es).

I will share with you the beautiful little moments in life and lots about my passion for interior design and stationery. It will become a more personal blog. And I like that idea.

And for all those other things I do... I will reflect on them and kill some darlings the upcoming months to create more time. Otherwise I still won't be able to take, sort and select beautiful pics :)

XO Barbara

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Meesterlijk design and crafts

Oma's Lampje Nathaly Heesakkers

Oma's Lampje - old lamps combined with concrete

The Wood ceramic furniture

Handcrafted accessories combining wood and ceramic

Bottle vases - porcelain - made after waste from the Dutch Maas river

Floor Bohemen cushion

Cushion - Dutch Design in leather and woolfelt

Daan Brandenburg wooden products

Wooden products

At Meesterlijk Design and crafts we discovered great designers and beautiful products. I visited this great event with my 6-year-old son and we spent a lovely time watching beautiful products, discussing crafts, design and colors. A great way to spent a sunday afternoon! 

At this post you will find a snapshot of our favorite products. Oma's Lampje by Nathaly Heesakkers was our catch of the day and unanimously chosen as our most favorite design. Because of the bright colors, the combination of old products and contemporary materials and the beautiful design. Therefore we couldn't resist the great lights and had to buy a piece so a beautiful yellow light now shines at my boys bedroom! 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Color deco inspiration

When I visited Dutch Design Week Eindhoven a few weeks ago I couldn't resist this great box filled with hundred colorful Pantone postcards! So yesterday I was wondering what to do with the cards so I picked one color and tried to find some matching products in my living room.

The result: tape and tea lights from HEMA, tea light holders by Serax Maison d'ĂȘtre from my own shop, bird houses and button stickers from Studio Ditte. Unfortunately I forgot where I bought the cute wooden You and Me and the decorative ball.

I liked my quick and dirty experiment so more colors will follow soon….

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

DIY christmas decoration

Decoratiehanger leer Savanna Interior

 Working hard on our Christmas collection. We love to make our own products but so far we didn't produce that much for Savanna Interior, until now! We found some beautiful leather we decided to up cycle into nice christmas decoration so the next weeks you will find more and more products at our site and of course at the markets we will attend with our stand!

Images by Savanna Interior