Monday, 27 August 2012

Jingle bells...

Outside the sun is shining and is it still summer holiday for many people, but inside the trade centers I visit Christmas is hot as well. 
I found these great Swedisch Angel Chimes. For many nostalgia but I didn't know them. And now it ended up in my kitchen to show some friends and family so I could decide wether I would buy more for my webshop or not. 
The final verdict came from my children: they love it! They love the flames, the circling of the angels and above all the soft tinkling sound. They decided everyone should have such a great Christmas accessory so I know what to give to people instead of flowers the coming months.

I am afraid Christmas at home starts today and won't end till Easter....

The Angel Chimes and candles are available at my shop.

Image by Savanna Interior