Saturday, 12 January 2013

I love vintage

I just love vintage products. And after the holidays I feel like changing my home with new accessories. With some vintage products you can do it in an easy and affordable way.

 My latest catch is this great copper bucket. Endless possibilities for use I believe!

Still love these vases

I love to visit second hand shops, flea markets and online vintage shops. Looking for the perfect items to match my mood and home. Since I own a web shop I also sell vintage treasures. Mainly vases and other small accessories. The ultimate excuse for more shopping adventures!

Great vintage sources:
- Fabrieknl: Vintage design
- Marktplaats: Vintage everything
- Neef Louis: Vintage design
- Van Dijk & Ko: Vintage furniture
- Savanna Interior: Vintages vases and more
- Retro Studio: Lots of vintage
- Gaaf! Hergebruik: Vintage and ecodesign

Images by Savanna Interior