Friday, 22 February 2013

Beautiful week 4: Snailmail

Sometimes I feel guilty. Towards my friends and family for not giving them the attention they deserve, towards the kids for always being busy and towards myself for not allowing enough me-time. It feels like I am always short of time. And it's not that I don't think about them. But who to call late at night? Or early in the morning? And Facebook is fun but not always that personal.

But I found the perfect answer! It's called Snailmail. The perfect combination of me-time, fun, creativity and care for others. I haven't written a proper letter since high school I guess so all the more reason to sit down, relax, make time to express my love and care for my loved ones, create a beautiful letter and personal gift just to let them know I care.

Last week I bought Snailmailmagazine, a great magazine with lots of inspiration and little gifts. And although I am still a little sick I managed to get the first letter on it's way to a very dear friend.

I am sure this will bring me and my friends a lot of fun! Want to know more about snail mail and get inspired?
- Snailmailmagazine
- Snailmailmagazine on Facebook
- Pinterest

Image by Savanna Interior