Monday, 29 July 2013

Pastoe 100 years

A few months ago I visited the exhibition on 100 years of Pastoe at the Kunsthal Rotterdam. With their timeless but innovative designs Pastoe is one of my favorite furniture brands so it was fun to see the great products designed by Pastoe the past 100 years.  Most of them would still look great at my home. 

At Toonkamer Utrecht you will be able to see the collection of furniture by Pastoe and also the collections by other brands which are definitely worth to go and see!

Images by Savanna Interior

Friday, 19 July 2013

Savanna Interior on the move

I love markets like the Swan Market at Rotterdam and the Sunday Market at Amsterdam. For me it is an excellent way to meet customers and see what products they like most (great to see e.g. that our hunt for vintage products is very succesful), to meet other (web) shop owners and learn from them and it is always a pleasure to see and buy great stuff. It is a very nice way to spent your sunday!

Already planning for more markets this autumn and already christmas so I am really looking forward to meet you!

For actual information about our planned events please visit our website!

Images by Savanna Interior