Monday, 12 May 2014

Beautiful reflections

Ok, it's time to reinvent my blog... Or actually the way I manage my time. It turned out to be difficult to write as often as I would have loved to do. Why?

Of course it has been pretty busy. With my dear family and kids, with my two businesses (working as an independent management consultant and running my webshop), my hobbies (e.g. sports and visiting interior design events), board memberships of a primary school and a think tank and of course education (photography, teaching, designing). One must continue to learn right?

It's all useful, entertaining, important to me and most of all great fun. But it also leaves little time to reflect and write down and share my experiences which I intended to do on this blog. Or at least I didn't allow myself to do that. Because there were always tons of other things to do, because it had to deal with my interior business, because it takes time to select the best pictures of my fast growing collection, because it had to be perfect. Which of course it never is.

So I stopped  for a while, and missed it a lot. Time for some serieus thinking. While enjoying some beautiful spring moments in our garden over a glass of wine smiling about the beautiful reflections of the trees in my wine I felt perfectly happy. Except perhaps for that nagging feeling that I want to spend more time working on this blog and designing my own products. So I started a course on blogging to get inspired again and set new goals for my blog and business(es).

I will share with you the beautiful little moments in life and lots about my passion for interior design and stationery. It will become a more personal blog. And I like that idea.

And for all those other things I do... I will reflect on them and kill some darlings the upcoming months to create more time. Otherwise I still won't be able to take, sort and select beautiful pics :)

XO Barbara