Monday, 21 July 2014

Spreadable dairy butter

Do you also think it's a bit frustrating if you want to put some dairy butter on your bread and you can't easily spread it because you left it in the fridge? Or that it's too fluid because you left it too long outside the fridge?

We found a great solution in Germany. The Bergische Butterdosen are beautiful butter jars and because of the clever design this butter jars will keep your dairy butter fresh even outside the fridge!

And the beautiful design makes sure that this piece of ceramics will be a nice piece of decoration in your kitchen or at your table.

We imported the butter jars in two sizes and they will arrive at our shop half of August but can already be ordered at our site!

Images by Savanna Interior 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

IKEA paper shop


Yeah! After a pilot in some stores all Dutch IKEA stores will get a paper shop this summer.

The stores will be filled with lots of great paper decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags, stationery, party accessories and more.

Images through IKEA